Sports Rules

A detailed analysis of soccer and game rules

Soccer Rules

Association football is popularly known as soccer. The game is played by 11 players of the two teams with a round-shaped ball. The team which gives the maximum number of goals becomes the winner. It was played in England in the 19th century.

The terminology associated with soccer

Inbounds: when the ball lies within the boundary of the field and the ball holds the position until it completely crosses the sideline or goal line.

  • Blindside: the ball is being played by the players to the opposite side where an opposite team player is concentrated.
  • The angle of run: the supporting player runs in which direction is called.
  • Calling: the soccer players communicate with each other.
  • Heading: when the player uses his head for flying the ball
  • Pace: the playing speed of the player or ball
  • Pitch: it is the green surface area where soccer is played
  • Shadow play: when the player plays the game without an opponent
  • Work rate: the contribution of the players and teams on game
  • Wrong side: when an opponent is permitted to be in between the defender and the goal
  • Receiving: the strategy is how to control the coming ball
  • Save: when a goalkeeper or defender fends away a goal

The major fouls in soccer

The major fouls in soccer
  • When a player makes an attempt to kick the opponent
  • If the player jumps on the opponent
  • When the player holds the opponent or pushes the opponent.
  • If the player holds the ball with hand
  • If the player charges the opponent violently.
  • If the player plays in a risky way
  • If the player charges the goalkeeper
  • If the goalkeeper waste the time by doing  unnecessary delay
  • If the teammate kicks the ball to the goalkeeper and after that if he holds the ball with hand.

Laws associated with the game soccer

  • If the player makes an attempt to stop the ball with their hand, the referee will show him the red card and the opponent team gets the penalty kick
  • The round-shaped ball is made up of leather. The perimeter of this ball is 27 to 28 inches
  • In the out of bounds, the ball surpasses the boundary line
  • In the case of a corner kick, the defending team last touches the ball and it goes beyond the goal line, the opposing team kicks the ball from the corner of the field.
  • When the ball surpasses the sideline and leaves the field, it is called throw in.2 basic rules for playing soccer. The player needs to keep the feet on the ground and the player needs to hold the ball with two hands. 
  • In the case of the two-touch rule, the ball cannot be touched by the player two times.
  • During any  competitive tournament, maximum 3 player substitutions are allowed
  • Official soccer rules say that every player needs to wear the same apparel.
  • If the game is tied, the game will continue for two 15 minute halves during a knockout type of match. After that, the match is tied, penalty decides the winner.