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Volleyball basic rules and regulations in game

Volleyball Rules

In order to enjoy watching and playing a game, you need to understand the rules and regulations first. The same goes for volleyball. If you want to know how to play the game or understand the dynamics, it is important to know about the rules. It helps you to get a clear understanding of the basics and come up with your own strategy. If you have developed a recent interest in volleyball, we can help you learn the basic rules and regulations in a volleyball match.

What is Volleyball?

Volleyball is an outdoor team game like basketball. In a single volleyball match, two teams compete with each other to score the highest points. There are six players on each team. There is a net in between which divides the court. Each team has to take positions on either side of the net. The teams have to earn points in the game by grounding the ball. It is played in sets. Most of the time, the team which wins best out of 3 or 5 sets wins the match.

How Many Players in Volleyball Match?

How Many Players in Volleyball Match

There are a total of 12 players in a volleyball match. As the game is played between two teams, each team includes six players. Six players of the team take their positions on the court and play the game against the other six players from another team. Apart from the 12 players, there can be substitutes as well.

Volleyball Positions (Player Positions)

As there are six players in a team, they have to play in six positions. It plays a very important role. The players have to stand on the court as per the position. It depends on the skills of the players. 

There are two zones, i.e. attacking and defensive zone. The first three players have to stand in the attacking zone near the net. Behind them, the other three players stand in the defensive zone at the back of the court. Here are the player positions.

  • Setter: It is the main player who sets the ball for others to hit.
  • Opposite Hitter: The player is known as a right-side hitter. They have to take care of the right side of the court.
  • Outside Hitter: The player is known as a left-side hitter. They have to take care of the offence.
  • Middle Blocker: They are the middle player. Mostly the tallest player pays this position.
  • Defensive Specialist: They take care of passing the ball and substituting other players.
  • Libero: They play at the back of the court. This player mostly set the ball for the attacker.

Volleyball Rules and Regulations

Now that you know about the game, players and positions, it is time to learn about the basic rules of the game.

  • There are six players in each team. Three players are in the front row and others in the back row. 
  • A ball should not be hit by a player twice.
  • A ball can be hit only three times by a team.
  • If the ball hits the line, it is still in.
  • The ball is out if it hits the referee stand, cables, antennae, pole, outside ceiling or outside area of the court.
  • The player cannot throw, catch or hold the ball.
  • The player cannot touch the ball with any other part of the body.
  • A player may switch position in the front row after the serve.
  • Players cannot attack or block a serve from the ten-foot line.
  • Teams have to score 25 points in a single set to win.

Volleyball Rules Violation

Volleyball Rules Violation

Here are some of the rules violations you need to aware of. If you violate the rule, the other team will get the point.

  • Crossing or standing on the baseline while serving in the game.
  • The ball hits the net and falling in the same area.
  • Players should not touch the net with any part of their body. It is fine if the net hits them.
  • Players should not run, carry or hold the ball.
  • The ball should not pass from under the net.
  • The serve is out of order.
  • Back row players block the ball.
  • Players reach on the other side of the net to hit the ball.
  • Back row players attack the ball.

These are the basic volleyball rules and regulations you have to follow while playing the game.